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Cover attracts a reader, but a well-edited story leaves a long-lasting impression. Our accomplished editors are experienced and well-versed in Chicago Manual of Style, the bible of every editor.
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Cover Design
We have the best graphics team composed of experienced cover designers, and top freelancers in the field. We aim to provide each book with an attractive design interesting enough for a possible reader to pick the book from the shelf and open its pages.
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Your illustrations are the coming to life of the story’s character and it is equally important as the storyline. With these two sharing the same pedestal of importance, it is a necessity to partner with the best illustrators.
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Make your book available in digital format. We provide you with mobi and epub files ready for you to use.
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Leave the website development to the professionals, we have the most experienced web development team who can handle a basic website to a business website.
pertoh.com, stacyfletcherbooks.com
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Promotional Materials for Digital Media
While it is important to promote your book/s or business online, it is equally necessary to use beautiful images and graphics to capture your audience’s attention. There is great competition online and you do not just blend in, you need to stand out!
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We partner with professional teams all around the United States to capture the best moments and likewise post-process the video to produce breathtaking yet short promotional videos of you and your business.
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Radio Interviews
Get interviewed by the nationally recognized personality, Ric Bratton and the veteran broadcaster, Al Cole.
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Promotional Advertisements
Your book needs to get more attention!! Promote your book in POWERFUL media outlets like LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, PW Select and more to consider!
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Video Trailer
Shout to the world that your book is available! And we think an interest-arousing book trailer is the best way to do it! We are equipped to provide you the simple to the most detailed videos
ReRoute, Raket Creatives, The Huut
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Need a logo for a new business? We are that team for you!
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Book Reviews
Professional book reviews’ clarion call is producing and recommending the commendables. With millions of competition in the market, THAT book needs to stand out through its review!
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Hollywood Pitch
Every author’s dream is to see their story come to life, and we equally share the same spirit of excitement on this aspiration!
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Through a screenplay, your book is ready for every producer interested to make your book into a movie.
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